Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brave Unknown

Welp, here we go.


This will be the new place for the majority of Glen Greentoad's OSR (Old School Roleplaying) game ideas, play reports, and so on.

The goals of this site are to provide ideas and materials for DIY Gaming for Referees, Game Masters, players and storytellers for anyone to make their own games (usually for cheap too.)

A little about my current tabletop adventures, I mainly run Lamentations of the Flame Princess with Logan Knight's Welcome to Corpathium rules and I'll be throwing in some stuff from Zak S's A Red And Pleasant Land shortly as well. I also play a bit of Pathfinder, D&D 5th Edition, and a good variety of board games.

Fair warning, some of the material posted may include graphic descriptions of body horror, mutations, dismemberment, foul language and similar themes. These aren't suitable for kids under 18, so they shouldn't be looking. Get someone who can read the ideas to you without all the bad stuff.

If you're already on Google+ go ahead and add me to your circles and feel free to talk ideas to me there. If you're not on Google+, go make an account because lots of really awesome OSR bloggers and gamers are there.

Anyway, here's something fun for you,


Head Full of Birds, A Cursed Ring for LotFP

still from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, which partially inspired this one
Still from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, which partially inspired this one.
A brilliant ring with a sapphire stone grasped by a set of golden talons.

Upon wearing this ring, the victim will begin hearing the sounds of birds in the near distance. For the next 1d4 days, the echoing of wings beating in the air, whistling from rooftops, and birdsongs in trees will haunt the wearer wherever they go, getting closer and louder each hour. This intensely distracts them, giving a -3 to Initiative and -1 to Search checks.

The ring cannot be removed by non-magical means, save amputation.

If the ring is not removed, the calls of birds are heard within the victim’s head. At the end of the final day, the victim is inflicted with an intense headache akin to sharp pecking inside their head. Save versus Poison or the bird(s) will hatch from their skull and attack anyone within the area.

Skull-Hatched Avians (1d4):

1. A trio of screaming, featherless hatchlings shatter the skull with their newly formed beaks. If fed maggots and kept safe they will grow into magnificent helmeted hornbills worth 600sp each in two days. That is if they don’t eat each other first. (roll a d6 at the end of each day, on the result of a 4-6 one is eaten by the others.)

2. Two crows peck their way out of the eye sockets of the victim, and then fly to the nearest oculi to consume. Each has Armor 12, HD 2, beak 1d4 damage, on a crit the crows blind their victim, indulging themselves on their visual organs.

3. Twelve small gray sparrows flee from the corpse of the victim, swarming as their feathers fall like snow from their fragile bodies. Each has Armor 12, HD 1, beak 1d4 damage, one dies each round, exploding in a flurry of gray dust.

4. A fleshy vulture with a beak that drips a black, viscous resin emerges amongst the remains of the skull and spreads its terrible wings. Armor 14, HD 4, beak 1d6 damage, unaffected by fire, resin can be harvested and used as a skin epoxy that grants +2 to Surgery rolls.

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