Monday, February 23, 2015

Jilted Jewelry - Rejected Magic Item for LotFP

This was written for the LotFP Magic Item Contest, but it didn't make the cut. I realized it could use some work shortly after submitting and revised it a little since then. Feel free to comment on what you think.
The Originator’s Cube

The necklace consists of a silver cord with a 5-inch brass cubical ornament that is perfectly smooth on all sides but one, which has an elaborate floral design of beyond imagination. Touching the cube feels like organic material and leaves impressions like clay, but after 3 seconds it will slowly return to its original cubical shape. The ornament reacts differently according to how it is interacted with.

If the wearer asks where something is, the cube will shift into a triangular shape and point the way. The route is not always direct and the ornament will shift back into a cube after a few moments. (1d4 hours)

When the cube is touching leather, such as leather armor for example, it will sound as it is breathing heavily when danger is approaching. If someone other than the wearer touches the cube they will feel a sensation similar to static cling (make a Save versus Magical Device). Failing results in their skin being torn like parchment off of their body and falling to a flakey mess on the ground. From the pile of flesh, a naked, flightless baby bat will crawl out, seeking the victim as its mother.

If the ornament touches wood, it will begin to melt. The wood around it begins to bend and crack as it reverts slowly back into the state from whence it came, returning to its form as a tree, then sapling, and finally settling as a seed or nut where it once was. Re-planting the seed will sprout a towering tree instantly with wicked, upward curving branches that sprout 1d8 eyeballs. The fragile eyes grow to the size of apples and can be eaten for the feeling of a full nights rest.

Striking the ornament causes it to explode in a writhing mass of thorny, humanoid appendages grasping at the air. The appendages will immediately wrap around the wearer if there is any kind of danger. (giving a +8 Armor bonus) However, they will be unable to move and the thorns will harm them. (1d4 damage each round.) until it passes. Afterwards, the appendages wriggle and break free from the cube and dissolve within seconds.

Throwing the necklace and it will disappear in midair, only to begin growing painfully out of the collarbones of the person standing closest to the thrower. (Save versus Magical Device or take 1d6 damage.) The cube then acts normally as above. If there is no one next to the thrower, they will begin to feel the necklace emerging around their neck instead.

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